CRESLI 2017 Seal Walks


The CRESLI Seal Research Program monitors seal populations and continues to conduct a long-term behavioral and population studies of seals around Long Island, including regular observations at a major haul out at Cupsogue Beach Park. Population counts at Cupsogue over 12 years and elsewhere over the 18 years have indicated a significant and continuing increase in the number of seals utilizing Long Island’s waters, as well as shifts in the species residencies and composition. Historically, Long Island’s seal species typically included Harbor  and Grey seals, which are relatively abundant in our waters from late fall until late spring.  In recent years,  “arctic” species such as Harp, Hooded and Ringed seals that were once extremely rare for Long Island, have also become more commonly sighted.

General Information about Seal Walks:
CRESLI seal walks will take place between November and May. Please note that weather will play a significant role in determining the seal walk schedule. Please call CRESLI at (631) 319-6003 for schedule changes and cancellations.  The walks  are approximately 1.2 miles round trip and take about 1 to 2 hours.  These walks are suitable for children.

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