Restaurant Spotlight: Catch Oyster Bar


Fresh Oysters and bubbling craft beers. Such a combination would be quite the catch for the hungry passerby, and thanks to Michael Avino and his father, this catch was reeled in to Patchogue, Long Island. The small oyster bar and restaurant, Catch, that opened three months ago in Long Island NY, was started by Michael who hails from the neighboring town of Bellport. Growing up, Michael watched closely as his father ran a full scale restaurant, the Chowder House, that served hearty and simple food to the people of Bellport. Watching, learning from, and walking beside his father and the chefs, Michael learned to cook well. Michael’s father is also a driving force behind Catch, and contributes heavily to the cooking scene while also running his own new restaurant, Avino’s Italian Restaurant. Together, they have started a unique and successful eatery that stands at the center of Patchogue.

The Concept:

Before Catch was started, Michael’s father owned stock in Brick House Brewery located in Patchogue, but sold his share. At this point, Patchogue was rough around the edges with little happening in the community that was worthwhile. Shortly though, after Michael’s father sold, the downtown began to blossom, sprouting welcoming restaurants and beautiful apartment buildings. Michael and his father felt the tug back to Patchogue. With a vision to open an oyster bar and restaurant that would focus on freshness and quality, they found the perfect space to focus on crafting this special dining experience. Scooping up an excellent location on North Ocean Ave right off Main St., Michael and his father found themselves serving fresh shellfish right in the center of a now bustling Patchogue.

The Atmosphere:

At the heart of the sea you’ll likely find a place that looks a lot like Catch. Edged in sea glass and made up of blues and greens that fill the mind with an ocean scene, Catch is a small pearl in the oyster of Patchogue. Catch has a parking lot that makes it the place people stop while visiting the bustling strip of Long Island New York that has little to offer in the way of parking. The parking space Michael can offer has helped the little oyster spot become a popular restaurant to swing in for a drink and oysters before continuing the day. At the center of the nautical themed eatery is the bar. With a smooth blue and glassy feel, customers can sit and enjoy great bourbon or craft bear. Topping off the cool, clean atmosphere, is the open kitchen where customers can see the cooks at their craft as they sit an enjoy fresh oysters and quality brews. People looking for a lunch stop or cozy and intimate dinner, stop at Catch.

What’s on the Menu:

The bar may be the center of the building, but the oysters are the center of the menu. At Catch, the oysters are so fresh that you could be served some pulled from the water that same morning. Michael has close relationships with local harvesters that enable him to cut out the middleman and offer the freshest possible ingredients that are not only delicious, but support the local economy. Catch takes giving back one step further by saving the oyster shells and donating them to an organization that takes part in growing the local oyster population. That means an oyster eaten is an oyster grown. The menu isn’t limited to oysters though. Michael’s restaurant is also in the same net with the local fisherman, which gives the restaurant the unique ability to offer fresh shellfish, and fresh seafood all in one small location. To top it all off, the bar at Catch has a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails, all local, with particular emphasis on the owner’s favorite drink, bourbon. Michael tastes everything himself to ensure it is up to his standard, so that the only thing that escapes the Catch, is a happy customer.


The Details:

Catch Oyster Bar

63 N Ocean Ave, Patchogue, NY 11772

(631) 627-6860


Sun – Thu, 11:30 am – 10 pm
Fri – Sat, 11:30 am – 11 pm


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