Pollock-Krasner House opens May 4th


Long Island’s East End has been a notable art community for over a hundred years. The Hamptons have been home to some of biggest names in art history such as Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollock, Chuck Close and Willem de Kooning. Even if you do not know them by name, you would most likely recognize their artworks.

Jack Pollock and Lee Krasner moved to East Hampton in 1946 after receiving a loan from Peggy Guggenheim to put a down payment on a small homestead in The Springs. This is where Jackson Pollock would live out the remainder of his life and create his most influential and art-world captivating works. He pioneered the technique of spontaneously pouring paint from all four sides of the canvas while it was laid out on the floor in the barn on the property. This would become the most defining moment in his career, putting him among the greatest American modern painters of all time.

Lee Krasner was a well-known abstract expressionist in her own right. She overcame many hardships of being a female in a predominantly male field. She was married to Jackson Pollock for 11 years before his tragic death in August 11, 1956. After his passing, she devoted her life to promoting Pollock’s work and ensuring his legacy would remain intact. She also continued the exploration into her own work which would solidify her place the art world as well.

The home and barn of Pollock and Krasner is opening for the season this May 4, 2017. It is open each week Thursday to Saturday from 1pm-5pm. If you are looking for something interesting to do with deep history and artistic influence, please make your way to 830 Springs-Fireplace Road, East Hampton, NY 11937. You will get to see this National Landmark first hand. Tour the studio wearing white slippers to preserve the floors where Pollock worked and find evidence of Krasner’s dynamic paint techniques on the walls.

Visit the website for more info: http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/pkhouse/




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